All-in-one. We choose wholesome ingredients that are highly nutritious and tasty. All organic, raw, non-GMO. See how these superfoods benefit you in unique ways.


Rice Cake

This provides most of the volume and structure of certain types of bars.

Pumpkin Seeds

The edible seeds of a pumpkin provide an excellent source of dietary fiber and protein.

Garbanzo Flour

A type of flour that contains a high proportion of fiber and protein while having no gluten.

Almond Flour

A gluten-free flour made of almonds, used as a low-carb substitute in baking.



A delicious staple fruit known and loved worldwide in many cuisines.


Small, sweet fruits with an intense flavor for their size.


Fruits high in vitamin C and known for their tart, refreshing taste.

Goji Berries

Used for centuries in ancient traditional medicine, this fruit is native to Asia and is also a common component in cuisine.

Golden Berries

Small berries that range in flavor from tart to sweet and are high in fiber and vitamin A.


Raw Hazelnuts

A nut often used in confectionary and rich in protein and various nutrients.


A nut used very commonly in a wide variety of dishes and in various methods of preparation.

Pistachio Nuts

Known for their distinguishable shell, these nutritionally dense nuts are high in protein, fiber, and many vitamins.


Pea Protein

A nutritionally dense protein isolate that is vegan and contains as much nutritional value as more common protein isolates.

Egg Whites

The non-yolk part of an egg, containing almost no fats but over half of the egg's protein.



An extraordinarily versatile fruit, known for its hard shell, that is used for numerous applications from skincare to food.

Coconut Crystals

A sugar alternative made from coconut, with a flavor similar to brown sugar but with more nutritional qualities.

Hemp Seeds

Seeds of one of the most common industrial crops in the world, hemp, they carry a variety of health benefits.


A ground version of the cacao bean, that nevertheless retains much of the bean's nutritional benefits.

Cacao Nibs

Less processed than cacao powder, these are bits of the bean made to be in edible pieces.



A non-caloric sweetener from the leaves of the eponymous plant, with up to 150 times the sweetness of regular sugar.

Monk Fruit

A healthy and low-carb sugar substitute native to China and Thailand that has a very low calorie count and is dramatically sweeter than sugar.

Citric Acid

An acid derived from citrus fruits that is used both as a flavoring and as a preservative in many different foods.


A healthy and delicious spice known for its versatility in cooking and baking.


A flavoring derived from the vanilla orchid, used extensively in baking and cosmetics.